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World of Fiction in the film Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon is a Princess Disney film whose world is inspired by Southeast Asia. For this film, Walt Disney Animation Studios created a universe called Kumandra. The name Kumandra is made from Sanskrit. In the film Raya and the Last Dragon, Kumandra was a kingdom that was united in peace. Humans live side by side with the dragons who provide water, rain and peace. Then came Druun, an evil plague depicted in the form of purple-black smoke spreading across Kumandra. Everything Druun touched turned to stone. The Dragons fight to protect Kumandra. The dragon witness Sisu creates a Dragon Jewel that contains magical powers to repel Druun. All the humans who turned into stone returned to normal, except for the Dragons. Since then Kumandra has been divided into five distinct areas: Spine The Spine or Dragon's spine is said to be in a cold, snowy